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Man Wood Carving

GlenHaven Legacy

Old world timber framing craft
meets modern architecture.


Our Legacy

We're brothers with deep ties to Seattle. Our family has lived on the same land on Lake Washington in North Seattle since 1934 – nearly 90 years!


In the decades after buying the land from the Puget Mill Company our grandfather built several houses on the property. Grandma called the land “Glenhaven” and our company name and our commitment to heirloom quality honors her legacy. 

GlenHaven Legacy

The Luxury Pavilion is not something you buy for yourself. It’s what you buy for the people you love.

Exclusively available through GlenHaven Legacy, The Luxury Pavilion is an heirloom quality gazebo-size luxury timber frame entertainment pavilion. Conceived and designed by brothers Mark and Scott Olson, it combines innovative structural design with a deep knowledge of ancient timber framing technique. Their advanced use of the most complex features found in timber framing makes The Luxury Pavilion a true masterpiece. The joinery is complex, and the assembly is difficult. It takes time and skill and effort.  And it’s stunningly beautiful. 


A closer look at GlenHaven Legacy

The Luxury Pavilion
Front Luxury_edited_edited.png
Back Luxury_edited_edited.png
Left Luxury_edited.png
Right luxury_edited.png
Top Luxury_edited.png
Under Luxury_edited.png

Why GlenHaven Legacy?

GlenHaven Legacy is at the very top end of the luxury timber framing market and while we know the customer base is limited, our commitment to heirloom quality demands the sacrifice. We're proud that our innovative use of complex timber framing techniques makes The Luxury Pavilion the absolute best available. Discerning families chose GlenHaven Legacy for one or all of these four reasons. 


Heirloom Quality


Innovative Design


Ancient Technique


Generational Values

What other GlenHaven Legacy

owners have to say

 It looks really cool and there is an art to what they are doing.

It looks fantastic and is everything we hoped it would be.

We are absolutely thrilled with the structure.

What will your legacy be?


Make Your Vision a Reality.


(on the left)

is a climbing guide,  an FBI Agent, and an entrepreneur who’s lived and worked around the world. He's an "outside-the-box" innovator.


(on the right)

is an engineer, a hard-hat commercial diver, and a timber framer. He’s built timber frames worldwide, most notably in England and Eastern Europe, and truly has old-world master skills.

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